Practical Initiatives Network (PIN)

01:44 Apr 22 2013 Worldwide: UK (Leeds & London), Kenya (Nairobi) and USA (California)

Practical Initiatives Network (PIN)
PIN is a free, open, worldwide website for development organisations to share, raise awareness and learn from each other’s successful (and less successful) initiatives.
Additional Data
Status of Initiative: Active
Organisation Name: Practical Initiatives Network (PIN)
Contact Information for Organisation or Initiative:
Start date of Initiative: January 2013
Location(s) of Initiative: Worldwide
Overall Goal of Initiative: The website has been established to provide development organsations with a platform to share their ideas and experience. It also enables these organisations to publicise their work and offers the potential for collaboration.
Initiative Keywords (for search): Initiatives, Projects, Sharing, Collaboration, Social Innovation, Ideas, Expertise
Start-up capital (rounded): $20
Donors (if applicable): None
Beneficiaries Served: Development organisations and practitioners.
Reasons for Success or Failure: PIN will be considered a success if it can attract and maintain a large base of users who benefit from and utilise the database of initiatives as a device for sharing, learning and collaboration. This can only be achieved, however, if early adopters add their initiatives to the website and help establish and expand its reach and usefulness.
Main risks of Initiative: That we might not be able to share the existence of PIN widely enough and/or that organisations will not add their initiatives to the website.
Lessons Learned: The importance of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but particularly blogs, for spreading the word about a new website.
Advice for others starting similar Initiatives: Please email us, we're open to collaborations and are very happy to help where we can.
Scaling-up Strategies: We hope to scale-up the functionality and useability of PIN in the future by working on and activating the websites multiple language and other functionalities. We plan to develop the website in-line with its users needs and welcome any suggestions people might have to make PIN more effective.

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