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SUNY-ESF: Buena Vista, Honduras Community Water Supply Project

03:10 Nov 9 2013 Buena Vista, Honduras

SUNY-ESF: Buena Vista, Honduras Community Water Supply Project
SUNY-ESF’s EWB Student Chapter began the Buena Vista project in 2007 to aid the access of potable water that has historically been deprived of the villagers of Buena Vista, Honduras. Today, massive banana plantations occupy the agricultural lands where these Hondurans once lived. Consequentially, the residents of Buena Vista are constrained to the only water source that is high in “sarro” (calcium carbonate) and other contaminants that result in various health problems.

The individual households received water via makeshift rubber and PVC tubing strung above the ground, allowing for susceptibility to tears and bursts, especially during the wet season. We have
designed a gravity-fed water filtration and distribution system that provides potable water to a community of approximately 45 families. In the last couple years significant progress was achieved, finishing the construction of the storage and break pressure tanks and installation of 60 percent of the distribution pipeline. With the convenience of a clean water source in every household, the villagers have gained access to clean water for drinking, bathing, and laundry. A clean, reliable water source has the potential to improve the lives of the villagers, the majority of whom are subsistence farmers. Thus, the greatest attribute to our design is the sustainability of a water supply,
which supports Buena Vista with their desired sovereignty.
Additional Data
If 'Other', please specify...: Clean Water
Status of Initiative: Active
Organisation Name: SUNY-ESF Environmental Resources Engineering
Contact Information for Organisation or Initiative: TJDECK02@SYR.EDU
Start date of Initiative: 2007
Location(s) of Initiative: Buena Vista, Honduras
Overall Goal of Initiative: To provide the community with clean, sanitary water.
Initiative Keywords (for search): Honduras Clean Water
Start-up capital (rounded): $20,000
Donors (if applicable): National Science Foundation, Private Donors, Corporate Sponsors
How does the initiative Measure Success?: The number of people able to take advantage
Beneficiaries Served: The project has been inclusive of the Buena Vista community, which has created their own water committee to address the water issues and contribute to implementation and maintenance of the design. The project has structural and cultural integrity reflective of methods commonly used in Honduras. The design utilizes local building materials, which has allowed for successful long and short-term maintenance that is cognizant of the training and expertise of Alfalit, our in country NGO, and the Buena Vista water committee. The design is more sustainable for the community than the current system, and the benefits of a clean water source that is both understood and cared for by the community will unfold over time.
Reasons for Success or Failure: The project was inhibited by a constitutional crisis and coup d’etat in Honduras on June 28th, 2009, where EWB-USA barred travel to Honduras due to political unrest, which postponed our implementation trip scheduled for that summer. The bar has since been lifted, however our original funds from a National Science Foundation grant expired December 31, 2009. We have addressed the monetary constraints by fundraising locally and regionally, receiving large donations from local rotaries and engineering
Please use this space to provide further information and/or updates about your initiative: We are almost there! Please donate to complete this project and provide over 300 people with clean water.

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